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Citizen Christ
by S. Pliff
Christ returns to gather his sheep... comedy ensues.

Sleeping with the Fishes
by Robert R. Smith
A surreal fish story about the one that couldn't get away.

Imagination Planet
by Tom Eaton
Offbeat and whimsy at it's most imaginative.

A Modern Courtship
by Bob Suarez
A disturbing love story that goes to the dogs.

Arthur's Unfortunate Departure
by Stefan Gesek
Arthur has a bit of a sweet tooth. The problem is... so does everyone else.

Brotherhood of the Four Suits: Cause an Defect
by David Perry
Brother Ike endeavers to make the world a better place, resulting in a full house of kookiness.

Terror of the Monkeyman
by Nijo Pilip
Mystery! Murder! Mayhem! Is it man or beast? A shocking tale of terror and suspense!

My Critics Are Everywhere
by Scott Vincent
A sensitive artist struggles with the meaning of his work.

One Shot
by Kim Arndt
Jay's got his hands full as his plans for a good time go horribly astray.

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